4k TV Resolution on IntelHD 4000 on Asus x552

Hello everybody,i have a fresh install of OSX Catalina in my Asus x552cl, core i5-3770U 1.80@ghz 8 gb 1333Mhz DDR3 on a Samsung Evo 860 500gb,iv got everything up and running,Ethernet,Wifi,iMessage,Face Time,App Store,etc,im just strugling to get my 4K Samsung TV to use the native resolution,3840x2160,i can only reach 1920x1080 trough my HDMI port,even if i have the max 24 Hz recomended from intel,to have 4K on IntelHD 4000.Someone got a clue,how can i make it work ? I know that its possible,iv seen a lot of post around the hackintosh foruns,but for 4600,5600,etc,not especific for HD4000 Ivy Bridge,any tips,will be apreciated.

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