Why can't I see my Boot Disk? - OpenCore - Mac OS Big Sur - ROG GL552VW Laptop


I've been hackintoshing desktop builds for work for many years, but have never attempted to push beyond Mac OS Mojave; and relatively have easier success with desktops than laptops (obviously).

The current machine I'm working on is an: Asus ROG Gl552VW and I've had a Hackintosh Mojave running on it for years. Lately, certain kexts started to fall apart randomly and I decided to push for an upgrade.

While attempting to get OpenCore onto this build, I followed a few very detailed guides, seemingling to a Tee, but although it looks the same in format-- I cannot see the boot disk in my bios! There is no option! Clover is so easy (because I'm familiar with it) but I cannot seem to figure this out.

Can someone please help me out?

Attached is my config.plist in my EFI folder from the boot USB.

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