Upgraded RAM from 8gb (2x4gb) to 16gb (2x8gb) and now Big Sur wont boot.

My setup is separate drives on dualboot Mac and Windows. Using OpenCore 0.6.6

Tested my 16gb RAM on Windows' MemTest64 for 2 hours with zero errors and still going. So incompatible RAM is out of the question. RAM sticks are also seated properly. Reinstalled it one to many times.

I tried a different set of 16gb RAM sticks and still wont let me boot. Sadly I can no longer reinstall my 8gb set because I already sold it.

Is there a configuration where I can set the RAM to be able to make me boot into my Big Sur partition? Opencore works on the boot picker. But soon as I hit the Apple icon it gives me the "Your computer restarted because of a problem" and upon hitting Enter key it just sends me back to startup boot.

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