Help fixing Power Management/Sleep on Sandy Bridge Laptop

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good. i have a problem which i can't seem to solve. I am trying to fix power management on my laptop, since it's probably the only thing that could prevent sleep from working. I have the smbios MacBookPro9,1 , and i have that SMBIOS because with MacBookPro7/8.x my system didn't boot at all (Probably because of my GPU), now i got everything except sleep working, and i am thinking that it is because of power management, since the tests are saying that it doesn't work, and i checked all the other possibilities which could prevent sleep from working (following dortania). now this is probably because i have SMBIOS newer than the guide advised. i also tried some args (./ -target 0 -model MacBookPro9,1 ) and then ssdtPRGen didn't give me errors that my smbios was not compatible, but it still doesn't work. i am willing to make and ssdt, or do some other more work something to get it working, if you have any idea let me know!. i also attached my kernel panic from sleep, which probably doesn't contain any valuable information lol. if you need more information, let me know! Any help appreciated.

Kernel Panic log

i have the following specs:
CPU: i5 2410M
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT520M (i also have an HD3000, which is disabled by samsung)
SMBIOS: MacBookPro9,1
USB: Only USB 2.0 (Mapped)
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Samsung NP-RV720, motherboard is Intel h65(m?)
Audio Codec: Realtek ALC269
Ethernet Card: RTL8111
Wifi/BT Card: Intel Centrino Advanced N6200 (no Bluetooth builtin)
Touchpad and touch display devices: Synaptics
BIOS revision: 03PQ (standard BIOS)
What isn't working: Only sleep, which i suspect is because CPU Power Management

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