Hard Crash in Premiere Pro After changing monitor

I have an x299 build with a Core i9-7080X and Radeon VII that has been flawless until yesterday. I'm now getting hard crashes (the machine reboots) when I load projects in Premiere Pro.

I have two monitors - an LG Ultrafine 5K and a cheap 1080p Acer. Yesterday I tried swapping the Acer for an LG 4K Ultrafine which worked fine out of the box. The card has no trouble driving it.

When I opened a complex project in Premiere Pro, I got a hard crash as the project was loading. I swapped back in my old monitor but now it's still crashing even with the old monitor. It was fine before I tried the new monitor.

I've tried all the Adobe tricks - emptying cache, resetting preferences, etc. I've tied the new 2021 and it still crashes in the same way.

I zapped NVRAM and reinstalled macOS from Recovery. It's still crashing. The crash is always the same type:

Panic(CPU 0, time 8039581908495): NMIPI for unresponsive processor: TLB flush timeout, TLB state:0x0 ... BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Adobe Premiere P 

I notice that just before the crash happens System CPU usage spikes. Here's what it looks like:


The red system spike is in Premiere Pro just before a crash. The blue CPU spike is all user usage and is a Blender benchmark test in progress. It runs the blender benchmark just fine so high user CPU is not a problem.

These system spikes are new and started yesterday with the new monitor I'm no longer using.

Any ideas what's going on and what I can do to fix this? I really need Premiere to be working. Should I try erasing and re-installing my macOS volume? I would think that installing from Recovery would take care of any issues but I guess not.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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