Device appears to sleep fine but CPU never turns off.

(See TL;DR below)

Hi all,

My Surface Pro 7 hack draws power constantly during sleep because the CPU never turns off. This is shown by iStat Menus and by the battery drain and device heat after long sleep periods. USB ports are mapped, zero kernel assertions, Handoff, proximity wake, yada yada are off. I’m at my limit with this issue; I have bene trying to diagnose it for a month to no avail.

This issue happens with and without a fake battery SSDT (real one is a full-on project because of the EC microsoft uses), with and without Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned off, with and without iStat Menus running (though this does not cause issues on both real and fake Macs) - basically, I am almost certain it is an OC configuration issue.

TL;DR my CPU hovers at around 0.6% (out of 100%) utilization during sleep, drawing significant power, and my battery is the size of a pumpkin seed.

Specifications: OpenCore 0.6.7 Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Intel Core i5-1035G4 Iris Plus G4 graphics (duh) 8GB 3733 MHz (actually 2666 MHz because I have an i5) LPDDR4X RAM 256GB SSD

What hasn’t worked: -Correctly mapped USB ports (as shown by no kernel assertions) -fake battery SSDT enabled and disabled -removing all USB devices still has this problem

Honorable mentions: -a “Apple Magic Trackpad Event” appears just before the computer goes to sleep in logs, regardless of bluetooth configuration. I do not own a magic trackpad 2. Nothing online. Perhaps my machine is haunted?

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