Boot loop after first stage of installation

I created a Big Sur USB installation drive by following the OpenCore tutorial by Dortania. Everything seems to go really smooth and I enter setup as I start the installation. When the screen hits '12 minutes remaining' it start to reboot (checked some youtube installation video and this seems to be normal). 

After the reboot it should pick up the setup again to finish the installation but instead it reboots and reboots and reboots. Is there something I missed or something I should double check in my settings?



  • Fast Boot
  • Secure Boot
  • Serial/COM Port
  • VT-d
  • CSM
  • Intel SGX
  • CFG Lock


  • VT-x
  • Above 4G decoding
  • Hyper-Threading
  • Execute Disable Bit
  • EHCI/XHCI Hand-off
  • OS type: UEFI Mode
  • DVMT Pre-Allocated(iGPU Memory): 128MB
  • SATA Mode: AHCI
This is what I see when booting and it stops right here and getting rebooted:

Author: de.schurk