Will this work?


First of all, I'm new to the Hackintosh scene.

I installed 10.15 to my good old laptop, a Lenovo X230 with the help of a guide that can be easily found on GitHub. And it works fine, but I rarely use the old dog anymore. And since I do like macOS, and want to get familiar with it before I buy an M1 Mac, I tought that I would install it on my main desktop PC. But thats where my noobyness (is that even a word?) comes in. I got lost in the ocean of components that work, or do not work with macOS/hackintosh.

My specs are:

Asus B85M-G

Intel i5-4460

16GB DDR3 1333mHz

GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5

Samsung 870QVO 1TB SATA SSD

AOC 27V2Q 1080p 75Hz 27" monitor that supports HDMI & DP

I'm planning to use either Catalina, or Big Sur (preferably Big Sur).

So my questions are: Will a hackintosh work with this setup? If the GPU isn't supported, can I use my old little i5 instead? Can I install macOS on a partition, or would it be better to buy a separate SSD for it?

I know that these are really novice questions, and please excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm really new to all this, and I only used Windows all my life, macOS is a new territory for me.

Thank you for reading it through, and if you can answer, please help me out! Thanks again, and have a nice day! :)

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