Success with Big Sur 11.2 on NUC7i5 .. but occasional restarts

After working for a day or so, I have Big Sur (11.2) booting and running on a NUC7i5BEH. However, it spontaneously reboots without warning. I suspect a video issue is at least part of the problem because Photos and Maps were behaving usually. The Photo "Library" view (which displays all the photos) seemed to sometimes cause a restart when selected and Maps (including the "location" map in Photos) render as black .. just the actual map, not the surrounding decoration. Sometimes it restarted without any interaction at all. Times to restart varied from about a minute to half an hour.

I followed the "Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide" using OpenCore 0.6.6 and the latest kexts, with no attempt to bring up WiFi or Bluetooth (yet). Obviously, I am very close to success, and I am going to scan my config.plist very carefully tomorrow, but if this anomalous behavior is familiar to anyone, I'd love a hint! I'm happy to send my EFI folder .. I understand posting it here is discouraged.

The robot will ask for computer details, but this a standard NUC7i5BEH with 16MB RAM, 250MB SSD and 2TB hard disk. I'll be more specific when asked.

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