[OpenCore]Stuck after the picker D:

[OpenCore]Stuck after the picker D:

Why the ACPI Error...?

So my ancient macbook died and I am trying to turn my i5-6600, b150m pro4s, 16G ram PC into a hackintosh.

After spending hours carefully following the plist instructions, doing the sanity check, I get this screen and no progress...

Why am I getting that ACPI error when I created the ssdt's according to the guide, with SSDTTime?

I've run the Sanity Checker as well, and there seems to be no problems there. What am I missing here? D:

I will attach my EFI for reference. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cEJQRFOlz70HC9aL3C9nDJ_0ThqDkIBl/view?usp=sharing

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