Opencore isn't hard as people say it

im in the process of making a open core Hackintosh editing config.plist isn't hard you can control+f and find all the keys to change and best of all open core config.plist sanity checker its a life saver because of it my usb is perfect just waiting for my Big Sur to finish downloading so I can get Big Sur and the Efi on the usb and I will soon be a part of the Hackintosh Big Sur open core community

it isn't that hard as people say it to be when I started on the guide I though it would take me days and weeks of pain nope it didn't

  • Download Hackintosh Big Sur
  • Make Bootable Big Sur Installer USB
  • Make PC Ready for Hackintosh Big Sur
  • Configure UEFI Setting
  • Boot into Big Sur Installer
  • Customize & Install macOS Big Sur
  • Boot into macOS Big Sur