OpenCore breaks mouse in Windows

Hi. I changed from Clover to OpenCore when OC was on version 0.6.4 and than I noticed that sometimes, when I reboot from Big Sur into Windows my mouse cursor doesn't show up (even though left and right click work in the middle of the screen where the cursor should be) and I have to unplug and replug my mouse to make it woring again. It wasn't that bad though, because it happened only once in a while. But I recently updated OpenCore to 0.6.5 and later 0.6.6 and I have noticed that now the problem happens almost every time I reboot and it's very annoying. Sometimes, even if I just reboot windows, without switching OS's it breaks the mouse. Why does this happen, and why so often after 0.6.5? I tried booting into windows using the Windows Boot Manager boot entry inside the BIOS and than I have no problems, so it's an opencore thing... I am confused, because it doesn't seem that anybody else has this.

I don't know if this information helps, but I have my display connected to both my dGPU (Nvidia) and my iGPU, because in Big Sur I have my dGPU disabled using -wegnoegpu boot flag and in windows I have my iGPU disabled, from the Display Settings. So, when the PC boots it uses the iGPU and when it gets to Windows it disables it and switches the display to the Nvidia GPU. I don't see how this can be the issue, because when using Windows Boot Manager instead of OpenCore it does the same, but the mouse works 10/10 times, while in OpenCore the mouse works like 1/10 times, at best...

Any ideas? Thanks

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