OC Failed to Load Configuration

OC Failed to Load Configuration

I followed the Dortania opencore guide step by step. I created my USB drive on Windows as fat32 using rufus, did the rest for setting up the installer according to the site. I got through the erasing my ssd and formating it as APFS GUID, then clicking on reinstall macOS big sur. Then this appeared:


I used the Sanity Checker tool and everything was fine, with the exception being that it says "You can remove the tool EFIs here," which I ignored last time. I redid the config.plist, and this still shows. What should my next steps be?

Here is a copy of my USB drive:


CPU: i5-9400

Mobo: MSI B365-ProVDH

GPU: iGPU (uhd 630)

Note: I also have a BCM94360CD card installed in on of my PCIE slots but IDK if that should be affecting the loading of a plist file.

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