No boot after power failure

Hi there!

I had a perfectly working hackintosh running macOS Big Sur 11.2. At noon I had to make my own lunch using my oven. This isn't the first time my oven turns itself off during cooking, but this time it turned all power off in my flat. My hackintosh and MacBook Air were on, and now I can't boot my Big Sur install anymore on the hackintosh. OpenCore launches upon POST but the picker is no longer how I configured it ( i had the graphical picker, now it's just in list mode). I can boot Windows 10 from there but not macOS nor the recovery. If I choose my Big Sur install or the recovery it just shows a distorted Apple logo and won't do anything else. If I press the power button it turns off the hack instantly.

I have a spare macOS install USB with a backup of my opencore on it, I have the same result when booting it.

I tried resetting my BIOS settings and re-applying my hackintosh friendly settings but it didn't solve anything.

Of course it wouldn't be funny if it hadn't happened right after wiping my backup drive to redo my backup from scratch with Carbon Copy Cloner.


PS:OpenCore 0.6.6, macOS 11.2, mobo Gigabyte Z370P D3

Thanks in advance.

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