New in the hackintosh space (using XPS 7590)

I saw some video's of a guy turning it's XPS 15 into a mac ( and I was quite impressed and figured what to expect if I would do it myself. First of all the specs of my XPS:
CPU: i7-9750H
GPU: gtx 1650
WIFI: Killer(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650
display: 1080p

1. Can I naively follow this tutorial (using a repo which is mad for XPS 7590) and expect it to work?
2. I do not expect the GPU to work, however would this by possible to achieve (given that I am new in the hackintosh space)?
3. If the GPU doesn't work can I disable it to gain some battery life?
4. If I dual-boot could the GPU be disabled for only MacOS and not for windows?
5. Do figures like iMassege, (wifi) or airdrop work?
6. Who could I update MacOS safely?
7. What are things I need to know before starting my journey?

I really want to try MacOS and if it is really better then windows. Thank you so much every one who can answer some of my questions to get into the hackintosh space.

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