new build, few questions!

recently built a new gaming pc and was curious on a few things, id love to be able to have a hackintosh along side of windows. however,

  1. would my parts be compatible to do so in the first place?

  2. would having both os's on the device have an effect on gaming? for example will i see a performance difference while gaming, simply because i have the secondary os stored on the computer.

  3. i have 2tb (two separate 1tb, ssds) which i have set up in raid0 configuration, will this cause me to be unable to run hackintosh? any help is greatly appreciated.


rtx3080 (gigabyte geforce gaming OC)

msi z490 gaming wifi motherboard

intel i9 10900kf

2 tb nvme ssd

16gb ram

aorus 360 cooler

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