Help about hackintoshing

Hello guys, I have succesfully hackintosh my Hp pavillion au624tx, everything works !
i just have few issues,

  1. Apple tv doesnt work, it seems like drm issue, but vdadecoder says hardware acceleration is working !! ( Hardware = intel hd 620 + nvidia 940mx ( with -wegnoegpu cmdline) )

  2. facetime and I message, while every other services works fantastic these 2 are not working, and what i have tried so far :

i. correct serial number ( which says purchase date not verified on apple's web site )
ii. en0 is fine in my case ( using realtek 8169 ethernet )
iii. Adding the rom value in my config.plist ( en0's mac address )
iv. nvram is working, as i can pass value to nvram (native)

is there anything more to check ?

please help me to fix those issues, thanks in advance !!

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