Driver OpenRuntime.efi(or HsfPlusEfi or VboxHsf.efi) at 0 cannot be loaded

Hi, after several days trying to install MacOs on my SurfaceBook2 i gave up because of OC 0.6.5.

Today, with the release of OC 0.6.6 I'm trying again and I'm not able to pass the first phase of OC boot.

As I say in the title, OC is not able to load anything at 0, I've tried to re-download everything thinking about a corrupted file but nothing has changed, my config.plist seems to pass everything and i didn't find anything that can help me.

I've followed this: OpenCore Install Guide (

This is what I have on the screen:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This is my config.plist if needed:

Any suggestions?

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