Can OC corrupt over time and damage drives? Pattern developing...

Ok, just prefix this whole post by letting you know I am not the best with opencore. I love Hacks, the concept, the challenge (although it drives me mad sometimes) and the community.

I've been having problems with my hack for a few months now. (Ryzen 3600, RX 5700XT, Asrock TB3/ITX mobo, macOS on SATA SSD and W10 on NVMe). It starts with boot taking a lonnngggg time, like 30 seconds to POST, not a massive problem for me but a sign something isnt quite right.

Then I may get a crash, freeze, or both in macOS and finally the macOS SSD isnt detected at all as a boot option.

It isnt detected as connected to a SATA port in disk erase in bios but it is listed in storage config.

Windows doesnt detect it in file manager (which it used to) but it does in Disk Management.

Crystal Disk info doesnt appear to report any errors (when it does detect the SSD, varies on boot).

When the SSD is detected isnt consistent, I just booted to windows three times, first two it wasnt detected but third it was (although not in File > Devices and Drives).

It sounds like hardware failure right? Well I'd agree but this is my second SSD and the behaviour is the same, plus the original faulty SSD appears to work in other machines.

I'm wondering if my EFI folder is somehow getting corrupted (maybe too many error reports being filed on it and maxxing out space - is that a thing?) or does this behaviour point to something else?

Hope this waffle makes sense to someone and they are able to help.

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