Big Sur installer shuts down computer during Apple logo

I’ve tried different methods of installing Big Sur but they all lead to here. Catalina works completely on this machine by the way.

When I install Big Sur off the internet the computer restarts by itself even though it doesn’t seem like it was done, but this is probably normal.

Now, when I try to boot off the installer, I see the Apple logo, then for some reason verbose mode shows me that power off was triggered. I remember seeing this could’ve been a GPU problem, and even though I didn’t need it in Catalina, I added PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) in DeviceProperties>Add.

Now I get a different problem. In less than a second the PC restarts. I attached an image for what I see.

Also i’m running HfsPlusLegacy.efi and someone who had a similar problem said it could’ve been because of the NVRAM.

HP 23-g013w Intel Pentium G3220T Intel HD Graphics // Haswell-DT GT1

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