ThinkCentre M93P Tiny - OpenCore 0.6.5 - OSX Big Sur 11.1

ThinkCentre M93P Tiny - OpenCore 0.6.5 - OSX Big Sur 11.1

OSX BigSur 11.1 - m93p Tiny

Machine : Lenovo ThinkCentre M93P Tiny

CPU: Core i5 4590T Quad Core

GPU: Intel HD 4600

RAM: 8 + 4 GB RAM

Wifi/BT Card: BCM94352HMB

HDD: Samsung Evo 860 250GB

  • Followed Official Dortania OpenCore Guide and the setup is seamless.
  • Everything is working well. Initially faced a problem with the wifi(Bluetooth was detected) Card. Disabled the AirPortBrcm4360_Injector.kext in AirportBrcmFixup.kext , Then removed and reseated the card on motherboard which fixed the issue. Click here
  • First tried the Pre-Built SSDTs ( links available in the Guide) and everything worked. Then I dumped both SSDT-PLUG and SSDT-EC with SSDTTIME in Win 10. Added both of them but, the X86PlatformPlugin did not show up under the first core of the processor ( meaning, the power management is not working) . so I reverted back to Pre-Build DSDTs and everything is fine. I'm puzzled but I will look into it later and let you guys know.
  • Configured a week back and no issues so far.
  • Suggest update to Latest BIOS and do the setup.

If you've got a similar machine, and having issues with the setups, let me know.

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