Should I buy modern ATX12V 2.52 PSU or it doesn’t matter?

Hi all! Happy New Year!

I have a working Hackintosh that’s running well, it’s an i5-8400 + RX 560 machine that mimics as an iMac 4K 2019. Hardware suits me perfectly and I don’t plan to change it (maybe ever), so now I wait for my case to arrive and plan to improve noise and thermals of this build.

As part of that process, I’m looking into PSU replacement with a better and quieter model. It will be an ATX-sized model, and apparently they can conform to three standards: ATX12V 2.4, 2.51 and 2.52.

2.52 released in 2018 and added support Alternative Sleep Modes, which is used for phone-like Modern Standby in Windows 10. It sounds like a neat feature, and frankly it should’ve arrived waaaay earlier. But I don’t use Windows, and such power supply are still hard to find, it seems.

So here comes the weird question: will I benefit from ATX12V 2.52 if I only use macOS on this PC? Does macOS relies on ASM? Maybe for Power Nap option or something. Will it ever, theoretically? Does OpenCore supports it?

Documentation on the internet is pretty sparse for this subject; maybe some of you know.

Thank you for reading and for the answers.

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