Ryzentosh + Asus X570 + RX570 + Fenzi

Ryzentosh + Asus X570 + RX570 + Fenzi

Hi All,

Just thought I'd post my success for others to take hope from and list some issues to see if anyone can give me some leads on resolutions. This took me a number of weeks to unpick and I got a lot of help from various places, but got there in the end.

  • Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus Wifi
  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • Gigabyte RX570
  • Fenzi T919 Wifi / Bluetooth card

Initially installed Catalina using OpenCore 0.6.4 and then did an upgrade to Big Sur.


  • Ethernet
  • All USBs (although see below for Bluetooth issues) - although not tested speeds mapping etc yet.
  • Wifi on the Fenzi
  • iMessage / Facetime and other iServices seem fine (using a Logitech camera)

Not Working:

  • Bluetooth - super sketchy - seems to connect to my Airpods, but doesn't pass audio - no other BT devices show up in the list when they're in pairing mode - the Fenzi has it’s USB header lead plugged, but I’ve made no other changes (Kexts etc). - there is also onboard Bluetooth here as well, I've not looked in to which device is being used - any suggestions gratefully received.
  • Sidecar and Apple Watch unlock not working, presumably due to above BT issues.
  • On board audio - straight out of the 2.5mm jack gives me nothing. Interestingly I can get audio via the HDMI to the monitor, but not direct out. Annoyingly my Windows instance has the opposite arrangement! Any thoughts on this? (I've got the AppleALC kext on board)

I had a heap of weird USB issues (keyboard and mouse would start up okay and degrade within the first five minutes until unusable). Tried the USB mapping for AMD guide, no improvement. Upgraded my BIOS (v. 3001) and those issues seem to have been resolved, although I’ve picked up a heap of other BIOS related issues (like not actually being able to get to the BIOS on boot, without removing both my SATA drives, WTAF Asus?!?).

I have no USB specific kexts at this stage. Any suggestions?

Pretty happy with the overall result. Would love Sidecar and Watch unlock. Audio’s not that much of an issue, but would like the BlueTooth working. I guess that’s my next few weeks of test, change, test again, change back, test, research, test, change … etc, etc! The joys of being a hacker, I guess.

Thanks to this sub for all the excellent research material, and of course to Dortania, without which I’d still be on Win10 as my daily driver. Also thanks to my other online friends that have supported me through this journey... I’m finally back where I should be. Using a desktop Mac again, daily.

Cheers all,


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