OS NVMe SSDs identified as External Drives

Successfully booted up macOS OC 0.6.5 last night and have been tweaking since! However, both my NVMe drives (one hosting macOS - WD Blue SN550, other hosting Windows - Samsung 970EvoPlus) are showing up as external drives, and my other two SATA SSD’s (2) which I plan to just use as storage, are showing up as internal.

Found this old guide which has some workaround for OC 0.5.5, and applied it (https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/f0cc4t/internal_drives_shown_as_external_opencore_amd/).

Managed to get the Windows NVMe SSD to be recognized as an Internal; but can't seem to do so for the one hosting macOS. After playing around to tweak, now both of them are back to being identified as External Drives.

Anyone had a similar experience and a workaround? Much appreciated.

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