Need help! OpenCore Problem with BCM943602CS

Hi all, I need a little help here.

I have built few hackintoshes in the past two years and I have been migrating the bootloader from Clover to Opencore in the past few months. I managed to complete the migration successfully for most of them except for one. The issue is that the OpenCore bootloader got stuck on ARPT: 1522298: AirPort_Brcm32XX:Porbe:, this[0x4edfbe245d7d2949] score[1400]

I’m using Broadcom BCM943602CS with m.2 Key M Nvme adapter (3 antenna version) for this device. The error message seems to indicate that it’s failed to get through the Wifi Card.

I’ve tried removing the Wifi Card as well as replacing it with a PCI x1 BCM943602CS card, and as results it boots to macOS successfully with both setups.

The reason I used a m.2 wifi card for this hackintosh is that I intended to build a HTPC and a normal PCI x1 card won’t fit in my case.

I thought BCM943602CS is supposed to be OOB and no kext is required for it to work. Nevertheless, I’ve also tried adding Airportbcrmfixup.kext in my EFI and that did not solve the problem.

I couldn’t think of any other way to fix this issue. Hope someone can help me with it. Thanks in advance.

Here’s my EFI folder

Hardware list

CPU: i5-9400


RAM: Crucial 2666 8GB x 2

SSD: WD SN550 500GB

Graphic: iGPU UHD630

Wifi/Bluetooth: Broadcom BCM943602CS with m.2 Key M Nvme adapter

Running macOS Catalina 10.15.6

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