Kernel Panic with Backtrace On Framebuffer

Kernel Panic with Backtrace On Framebuffer

I have a HP 15Bs Laptop. I have already been successful in hackintoshing Mojave on it earlier with Clover so this time I tried to use OpenCore along with Catalina. However it seems that I'm getting a kernel panic and its something to do with the Framebuffer. However I had only set the platform id according to the Dortania guide. In the SMBIOS, I have set it as MacBookPro13,1.

My Laptop Specs-

i3 6th Gen with Intel HD 520

DGPU (Disabled)Radeon 520

Using a SATA Drive for installation

All of my SSDTs have been manually compiled by me.

I don't understand why I'm getting this kernel panic. Kindly help

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