Issue with OpenCore

The issue is actually probably with my brain, but here we go. I followed the Dortania guide, and everything went well until I got the USB into my laptop and booted it up. Instead of Option 2 being the macOS recovery like it said it should be, it had NO NAME. Trying to boot from this just gave me some errors, and kicked me back to the menu.

* Hardware:

CPU: Intel i7-9750H

GPU: Intel UHD 630 (There is a GTX 1060 present but it is disabled)

RAM: 16GB 2667 Mhz

Motherboard/Laptop model: Dell Vostro 7590

Screen(s) Number: 1

Screen(s) Resolution: 1920x1080

Audio Codec: Unsure

Ethernet Card: None present

Wifi/BT Card: Intel AC 9560 (Using AirportItlwm)

* What guide/tool I followed:

Getting started with OpenCore | OpenCore Install Guide (

* What part I got an issue with:

After following the guide and booting to OpenCore, the option that should be for the macOS recovery image is not there, and trying to select it gives some errors and kicks me back to the selection screen.

* What files/config I am using:

Here is my config.plist:
config.plist -

* Extra Info:

I am trying to install Catalina as Big Sur seemed like it would be incompatible with some things. Also I disabled the eGPU.

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