Intel HD 630 infinite loop when HDMI cable connects

Intel HD 630 infinite loop when HDMI cable connects


I am using OpenCore

I am using an MSI GL62M 7REX laptop to boot macOS Catalina via OpenCore, my iGPU works fine, but whenever I plug in my HDMI cable, my system freezes.

I've tried to follow the tutorial here:(

But it doesn't seem to help. I've tried to switch SM Bios and framebuffers, here's a list of what I've already tried:

MAC 14,1 <00001B59> <05001C59> (NO iGPU) <00001659> <00002759> <00001E59> <0000C087> <09002759> <09001659> <06001B59> <0500C087> MAC 14,2 <00001B59> 

And here's my boot-args:

-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=98 -wegneogpu -disablegfxfirmware -igfxhdmidivs -igfxmpc -igfxcdc 

And a screenshot of my config.plist:


Model Name: MSI GL62M 7REX

Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU 2.80 GHz (Kaby Lake)

RAM: 16 GB

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI (Disabled)

iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 (Kaby Lake)

SATA Controller: Intel 100 Series/C230 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller

Network Adapter: Qualcomm Atheros AR8171/8175 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Touchpad: Synaptics SMBus TouchPad

Sound: Intel CM238 HD Audio Controller

(Entire probe available here:

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