iMac issued with Bluetooth Module after new external SSD

Hello guys, I am using an iMac 2013 and got myself an external SSD Samsung Evo 860 for Christmas. It’s connected via USB 3.0. It’s running smoothly for about 3 weeks now, but today my Bluetooth stopped working. When I go to settings -> Bluetooth the settings start to freeze and I have to shut it. I booted with the internal HDD and it works just fine, so it seems there is an issue with the SSD and Bluetooth. Wifi works just fine. I tried many different troubleshoots but it’s still not working. In other forums I’ve red something about internal damage when attaching the new ssd, but I did not open the iMac and it worked just fine with my Logitech keyboard and mouse. Does anyone has any advice ? I’ve tried to move the ssd around but the cable is not very long in case of interference.

Thanks in advance

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