Bluetooth not working on Big Sur using alternative to Fenvi T919 card

I went to pull the trigger on the Fenvi T919 bluetooth/wireless card but saw in a few Amazon reviews that the YOUBO card with BCM94360CD interface was a better option. I went for it considering the interface is supported natively in macOS.

Upon installing, my wifi works great, but the bluetooth module straight up did not show. I determined that this was an internal USB header issue where I did not map it correctly in my USB mapping fixes. Since the card uses an internal USB connection for bluetooth, it would make sense that the card isn't being detected because of a USB config mistake. I fixed the usb mapping and the bluetooth module actually showed up! Or so I thought.

The system thinks there's a bluetooth module, so when I go to plug in my Magic Keyboard with USB, I get the notification that says "Your keyboard is now wirelessly connected to this Mac." And the keyboard even shows in the bluetooth menu bar dropdown, but greyed out. When I unplug the keyboard, it should have connected to bluetooth but the keyboard was not working. So it basically added a pair through the USB connection, like Magic Keyboards normally do... But that didn't work out here since the module itself isn't even talking to the system.

Attempts to discover other new bluetooth devices like my headphones were to no avail, either. So, where could I go from here? I've seen that some users are having trouble getting certain wifi/bluetooth solutions to work on Big Sur, but haven't seen any solid fixes for it yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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