Anybody with a Thinkpad T440 have a working touch screen?

Hi all,

I've successfully got a Hackintosh install up and running with Big Sur and OC 0.6.5 on my T440. All is working incredibly well, as was pretty simple, however the final piece of the puzzle is my touch screen.

Using Touch Base, the touch functions great, however I am not interested in paying their ridiculous asking price for the full version of the driver. I did manage to find out it's an ELAN USB touch device through this however. Booting into Windows and checking device manager, I can see that it is indeed an ELAN device, however searching the device ID online has not turned up many useful results.

With this knowledge, I have tried almost all possible combinations of VoodooI2C, VoodooI2CELAN and VoodooI2CHID, after applying the Windows 10 patch with MaciASL, without any success. The kexts appear to inject properly, but no touch function is present. Checking through System Report and IORegistryExplorer, I can not even see the touch screen listed anywhere, even when testing with USBInjectAll.

My config.plist is here, and the patched DSDT.aml is here. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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