Am I just lucky, or is this not ACTUALLY working?... I installed my MSI 6900XT today, and it seems to be working fine in Big Sur? Is this... known?

I had been reading lots of people having problems with getting 6000 series cards to work. Thinking the same for me, I booted into Windows first and installed the AMD drivers for my MSI 6900XT
(shouldn't matter, but that's what I did), and everything was great in Windows.

On a whim, I booted into my OC Big Sur build (with the HDMI plugged into the dGPU instead of the iGPU I was using previously).

Much to my surprise, everything booted fine? No graphical glitches, YouTube works, I haven't tried much else.

System profile seems to know it's an AMD card, but it doesn't show anything fat like 16GB... So I'm not sure what's going on. Is this a good sign, or a red herring (and something everybody knows about?)

This is the output. Is the AMD hex the right map to the new 6000 series?

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