Using 2 GPU, one for Hackintosh one for Windows with OC ?

So with all these new cards releases, although the price is all over the place right now, I'm considering replacing my vega 56 with newer cards, one for gaming (3060 Ti at this point, but hopefully next year price would be better for higher cards) and cheap one for hackintosh (rx 570?).

Specs are : Ryzen 5 3600, MSI X570 gaming plus, Vega 56 Red Devil (beast of a card), 32 gb RAM. Currently running OC 6.3 on latest Big Sur. It's running like a champ.

My plan is to have the 3060 Ti in first PCI slot (for higher performance) and RX 570 in 3rd PCI slot (since 3060 Ti most likely cover 2 slot).

My understanding is that I can spoof the 1st PCI slot (hide it) by using this guide : dortania - Disabling GPU

Hopefully it will hide the 1st PCI slot and Opencore can just use the 3rd PCI slot? Is it that easy or am I missing something? Anyone have experience with this?


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