Switch from clover to OC bonked Windows on a separate drive.

Switch from clover to OC bonked Windows on a separate drive.

I've been running Windows and MacOS on two separate drives. Games on Windows everything else on Mac. I decided to switch to OC to facilitate upgrading to Big Sur. The install went fine and I'm currently typing this on my Hackintosh. All iservices are working fine, sound wifi, bluetooth, the works. Windows showed up on OC once, but I didn't go into it because I was still setting everything up. Once I tried adding the GUI, though, windows disappeared. I restored a version of my EFI folder without the changes that I did to get the GUI working, and Windows still didn't show up. Nor is it able to be found in my bios. Disc Utility still says that the drive is there and can see that it has about 300 gb of used storage, but I can't find a way to get into it.

If I leave OC open too long before entering the Hackintosh loader it gives an error that says OCB: StartImage Failed - Aborted

After the fact, it goes back to the OC boot and I'm able to get into the Hackintosh. I followed the installer's advice in deleting all of Clovers annoying files and then tried the advice of a different thread in this subreddit about restoring the windows EFI. The advice that worked for this guy. However, that didn't work for me. I can assign a letter for the primary drive, but the one that would be refi/system says recovery and fails when I try to assign a letter. Tells me that a volume isn't selected, when I used the exact same process for the other partition. My config plist on iCloud because google drive seems to be down atm. I would really appreciate any help with this. I really don't want to reformat the whole drive and start over.

Another question, can I use bootcamp without reformatting my drive on open core? Bootcamp Assistant can see the drive. It says it has a Mac and windows partition, but the only option is to erase it and make into a single windows partition.

My EFI folder because I saw another guy show it.

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