🚨NOOB ALERT🚨 I am planning my first hackintosh (also my first PC build). I see lists of compatible dedicated GPU’s, but if I have an integrated GPU too, what is the relationship between the two and how they might be used by my HackPro to be?

I plan on going pretty big, and am looking either the ProAet Z490 CREATOR 10G or ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO motherboard, as well as one of the better i9 CPU. I am pondering how graphics cards work, and how well they work if/when you have a motherboard with a dedicated GPU. Should I consider one?
My intentions are for heavy 4k video editing and audio use, but I wouldn’t hate a dual boot so that I could play a couple PC games.

Having both an integrated and dedicated GPU would allow for more ports on my box, but I’m not sure how/if my Mac would prioritize between the integrated and dedicated, let alone what the implications are for a Windows boot.

I attempted to search and browse the sidebar help documents, but Maybe I was not searching for the correct phrase, and I apologize for what very well is a stupid question.

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