MacBook Air + Sabrent Rocket Internet Recovery Issues

Newbie here, hoping this is the correct forum to post my issue. I installed a 1 TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe SSD in a mid-2013 MacBook Air using the Sintech NGFF M.2 PCIe SSD Card adapter (ST-NGFF2013). Hardware installation went smoothly following the OWC SSD Install Video.

The current OS is High Sierra, and following the OWC Aura Pro X SSD install guide, I tried internet recovery option 1 by holding "Cmd-Opt-R" upon startup. I connect to my 5 GHz Wi-Fi network and then I see a globe icon and progress indicator but then receive an error message of -5101F. I try again and same result. I try my 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and again same error code. Googling this error code doesn't get me anywhere.

I then try recovery option 2 by holding “Cmd-R” and I get an macOS Utilities screen which gets me excited, although it looks archaic. I choose Disk Utility and attempt to erase disk but the option is greyed out.

I’m racking my brain to figure out what is wrong. Perhaps because this MacBook's original OS was likely 10.8 Mountain Lion, recovery option 2 will not be ideal for loading 3rd party SSD’s.

I’m thinking my next step should be to connect to ethernet via Thunderbolt 2 adapter and "Cmd-Opt-R” again. I’m all ears to any other suggestions.

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