LUCPRO i9 absolutely eveything working

Greetings Cydias, This is an absolutely beautiful story. I am very proud of this build . Special thanks to Julio who build it. He will show the build in his YouTube channel this week

Everything works on it even thunderbolts.

For this Christmas I wanted a Mac 🖥 for working with the Adobe and everyday fiance work and an Xbox seiries x to play flight simulator 2020. After experiencing the very hard effects of living in a world of scalpers. I decided why not just build a home computer that can do gaming and Mac at the same time .

This this project came into reality. Getting the best components I coulg get with the budget of a normal computer~ €1500. Give or take.

I chose the following: -Intel Core i9 10900k 10th gen. The king of stability 10 cores 20 threads . Current showing a position #4 in the geekbdck we did. In my opinion stability beats all the other benefits of the Ryzentosh community. (Sorry guys and girls.)

-gigabyte z4690 Vision D: two thunderbolts 3 for $300! Crazy good quality not the best for over clocking it has eveything I could possibly need even a post code . The ability for update to 11th gen also there .

-2 Samsung nvme Evo 970 - for stability 1tb each

-master air cooler by cool master with RGB. Didn’t want to deal with the hassle of liquid cooling plus it looks like a v8 engine so why not (MA620M)

-ASROCK 5700xf because it’s the only decent card i could find in DEC 2020z I found it for $320 used and well I could sell it for a similar price in a couple of months and get the 6000 series for just a bit more .

-fenvi video card to get WiFi, sidecar , Bluetooth and all that jazz

-Corsair RGB 32Gb to flex to my little brother who Is in high school and still plays fortnight .

-Be quiet 500DX in white because that’s what a Mac Pro mini should look like.

Please rate the build and I am happy to hear advice

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