Installing High Sierra for Ivy bridge on Z77 Gigabyte

I have succeed in the past with multi-beast with this hardware, however want a more modern High Sierra installation.

Specs: Mobo: (Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD3H)

CPU: i5 3570K 4.2 GhZ default LLC voltage

Ram: 1600mHz HyperX 16 GB

GPU: GTX 570 EVGA 1200mb

I found a repo with support for my board:

After following all the UEFI settings and getting the right High Sierra I booted into the installer with -v nv_disable=1. After it started to install and booted into the new "install MacOS" option in clover I get the I see the error loading kernel caches and unsupported firmware.

I decided to reinstall to a different USB and when I re-downloaded the "Gigabyte-GA-Z77X-macOS-Install" to the home it's triple the size and now I can't boot into the installer because clover is blank.

Do you recommend I keep trying with different drives? And is it better to manually install all the drivers myself mentioned in the repo page?

Thnaks, bird

EDIT: Is possible to use OpenCore, with a z77 Boaard, with proper Pike R. Alpha's script. The script for power management?

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