Install macOS Sierra on PC

Although official macOS 10.13 "High Sierra" hardware compatibility is the same, you may want to have your Hackintosh run macOS 10.12 "Sierra" for compatibility with specific third-party software like Office for Mac 2011. Quality Hackintosh tutorials for Sierra include:

Install macOS Sierra on Supported PCs - How to install macOS 10.12 Sierra on any supported PC from the legendary tonymacx86 using the site's own Unibeast application. The site has troubleshooting guidelines if the installation does not work properly, as well. It covers the macOS 10.12.1, 10.12.2, 10.12.3, 10.12.4, 10.12.5 and 10.12.6 and updates, too.

Upgrade from OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra - A short tutorial to upgrade a Hackintosh running OS X El Capitan (10.11) to macOS Sierra (10.12) using the Clover application.

Install macOS Sierra on PCs Guide - If the "official" tutorial isn't sufficient, this quality tutorial from the long term Microsoft-focused site Redmond Pie also covers how to install macOS Sierra on a PC using Unibeast.

Install macOS Sierra on Hackintosh - A short tutorial from newcomer Fitzweekly that explains how to use the Clover tool to install macOS Sierra.

Building a GTX 1080 Ti-Powered Hackintosh - A in-depth two-part tutorial that covers hardware selection with a focus on video editing as well as macOS Sierra installation. See the corresponding video below, also.

[Not] Always Up-to-Date Hackintosh Guide - A noble effort to write an "always up-to-date" guide to building a Hackintosh from Lifehacker. Ironically, it is not up-to-date, but it covers hardware selection and construction as well as installing macOS Sierra.

Build a DIY Mac mini - From Macworld, the author's personal experience of building a small PC and installing macOS Sierra using other tutorials.

macOS Sierra USB Installer - A straightforward tutorial to create a bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra using the well regarded DiskMaker X app courtesy of Other World Computing.

Two Ways to Create a macOS Sierra Thumb Drive - An archived tutorial from The Verdict (no longer online) that explains how to create a bootable macOS Sierra USB flash drive for a Hackintosh with Terminal and Clover.

Building a Hackintosh Pro - An archive of a helpful tutorial to build a powerful tower desktop Hackintosh from Dan Counsell. It includes hardware selection and basic software installation alike.

Note that official hardware support for macOS 10.12 "Sierra" is more limited than OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" that came before it. Be particularly certain to verify compatibility before upgrading an older Hackintosh to this version of the operating system, too.


This helpful video offers easy-to-follow instructions to install macOS Sierra on a compatible PC: