I'd like to get some help getting my hackintosh (ASRock z490 itx/ac) to recognize the ethernet

Like title says, I'm trying to get the ethernet to work and I've tried plugging in the RealtekRTL8111, IntelMausi, and LucyRTL8125 kext (all separately, one by one), and restarting my hackintosh... but I can't get it to recognize my ethernet cable. The cable itself is lighting up, so it seemed like it's physically working.

Wifi/BT is working. I installed a native card and took out the stock one that came with it.

Not sure if it affects the ethernet but I also did my USB port mapping.

Here are my current kexts. Here are the specs for my motherboard.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit1: I tried using RealTekrtl8111- v2.2.2 but still didn't work

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