Help fixing " Apple NVMe Assert failed (Data !=0)"

CPU: i5-10600k

GPU: Nvidia 3060ti (for use in windows; integrated gpu will be for hackintosh)

RAM: 16GB 3600mHz Corsair Vengenace

Motherboard/Laptop model: Asrock Z390-itx/ac

Wifi/BT Card: BCM94360CD via A/E adapter

What guide/tool I followed: Opencore

What part I got an issue with: When installing via USB, I receive an error that says "Apple NVMe Assert failed (Data !=0). The installer stops at this point. I have tried these solutions: Solution 1, Solution 2, and adding the NvmExpressdxe kext. I have not tried disabling my nvme drives, as I would like to install Big Sur on one of them. Any help is greatly appreciated!

What files/config I am using: Screenshots of kexts and drivers. Pastebin of config. Pastebin of diagnostics. Config sanity check.

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