Force CPU to run full speed on small task

Force CPU to run full speed on small task

Hey everyone,

I've got a question regarding CPU usage.

First off all here is my specs:

  • i9900k
  • Asus z390-i
  • 32GB RAM Corsair
  • PowerColor 5700 XT 8GB
  • 512GB M2 SSD
  • Corsair SFX600 (600w)
  • Changed my default intel wifi/bluetooth to BCM94360NG

My OC and settings:

  • Opencore 0.6.4. running Catalina
  • SMBIOS iMac 19,1

My CPU power management BIOS settings:

  • Intel SpeedStep - Disabled
  • Intel SpeedShift - Disabled
  • C-states - Disabled
  • Intel Turbo Mode - Enabled
  • CFG Lock - Disabled

Everything works great. All USB ports patched.

Even benchmark numbers are looking flawless:

But I started to notice that for some easy but continuous tasks CPU start to operating maximal close to full speed and then after 30 seconds start to drop frequency, voltage and etc. And then CPU continues to operate on that level.

It's not a big deal but it's influencing my software I work with (music production - Ableton), CPU usage in the software becomes higher that means that I'm loosing in performance.

I tried a lot of different combinations:

  • CPUFriend (with CPUfriendfriend and ssdtprgen)
  • plug-type=0 vs plug-type=1

But nothing changes this situation.

Here is the screenshot of Intel Power Gadget:

So my question is from the topic, is it possible to force CPU operate with highest speed it can on small tasks?

Thanks in advance.

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