First Hackintosh - Install complete but can't boot (OpenCore Big Sur)

Been trying to boot for the last 3 days. It's my first time trying a Hackintosh so I'm still learning how all this works, there's a big chance that I'm making a big obvious mistake. Here it goes -

- Motherboard: Asus Z490 Tuf Gaming
- CPU: i9-10900k
- GPU: GTX 1070 Ti
- Ram: 2x Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR4

Okay so, I followed through dortania guide and I understand that my GPU is unsupported - yet I don't know for sure if that means I have to connect my monitor to the motherboard or not. Either way, tried both, multiple times. I should probably also say that I completed (I think?) the installation process while connected to the dGPU (got past the apple logo "x minutes remaining")

After that, every time I try to boot I either get to a black screen (when connected to the UHD 630) or in an apparent infinite tx_flush loop (when connected to the dGPU, waited for 30+ minutes, it seems to get slower and slower and seems to loop, not sure tho - maybe I just have to wait more?)

In the guide, it lists the black screen after IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLock... as a Navi problem - which isn't my case so a bit lost here.

And there's no tx_flush loop listed anywhere :(

My config File

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