Don't ever press the button - NVRAM reset really kills your Thinkpad!

Remember I did the Thinkpad X390 with OC 0.6.4, first on Catalina and then Big Sur?

I have nearly done all the configuration and fine tuning, and about to wrap it up. Then I found the NVRAM has quite a lot of garbage when I played with different boot-arg versions.

Tried to do sudo nvram -d but won't help, so I was tempted to press the NVRAM Reset in OC boot menu.

And then the Thinkpad died.

Totally dead even with battery drained. No boot on nothing.

Then I did some more net digging and found that some Thinkpad firmware cannot do NVRAM reset. for recover, some said to remove CMOS battery, some said SPI reprogramming, some said to replace the motherboard as everything are soldered nowadays.

Fortunately my Thinkpad is still within its 12 months warranty and now it is returned to Lenovo for repairing. But yes please everyone takes note - if you hackintosh a Thinkpad, especially recent models, never touch the NVRAM reset button, ok, Groot?

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