does apple update "old" installers to include security updates?

for reasons i have not been able to understand yet, i can't install mojave security update -005. i don't know if my OS installation is borked or there's something about my hardware that the update installer program does not like. it crashes right out of the gate with one of those 'bad parameter' errors.

i tried to boot to the buit-in reinstaller and re-install mojave but after the initial reboot i got the same error. i think the nvram did not get updated to point to the mojave installer and so it just tried to re-run the security update -005 again.

i'm wondering if i redownload mojave with gibOSX if it will have all the security updates already rolled into it. anyone know?

btw the online restore failed the first time due to what looks like a bug. i had content caching turned on on the machine i was trying to restore. normally i use a fixed IP address but the installer did a DHCP request and got a different IP. the installer was trying to pull the mojave files from the old IP address for some reason. turning off content caching and trying again caused the installer to pull the files from apple. i don't know if the machine would have been able to satisfy its own cache requests even if the IP address had matched...

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