Continued External Storage Problem with OC

I'm running OC 0.6.3 and I'm having issues with a USB3 attached external storage device. Its a Drobo 5D. This is not a boot volume. I'm booting from a M.2 SSD.

If the Drobo 5D is on during bootup, once I log in to OSX, the drive is mounted, but the filesystem calls to it stall and timeout and the whole system becomes unstable. Also, the normal Drobo icon is replaced by the default yellow USB icon. Drobo Dashboard does not see the device.

If, however, I turn the Drobo on once OSX is running, there is no problem. The device mounts, and behaves normally.

I had this issue with OC 0.62 too, but I didn't have this problem when running Clover.

I build my own injector ktext for USB config, and all other devices seem to behave normally.
I also had this problem with USBInjectAll.

OSX 10.15.7
MSI Pro Gamer Carbon AC z390
Intel i5 9600k
AMD Vega 64
Intel M.2 SSD

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