Catalina boot drive gets stuck at 100 percent

  • Intel I7-9700k
  • Radeon RX 580
  • Asus TUF Z390-Pro

I installed the Catalina boot loader from another mac onto a 64gb usb stick and made an EFI partition. The motherboard recognizes it (via Clover), and the Mac OS installer will launch to the black screen with the white apple logo and just get stuck with the progress bar full. I went back to the working old mac and I couldn't see the EFI partition so I don't know exactly what kexts I have on there.

I'm guessing the loading issue is due to an incorrect kext file but without being able to see the partition on the working mac I feel stupid not being able to show what I have.

I believe I make another EFI partition for Windows, as my intent is to dual boot with both OS taking half of a 1TB SSD. I am leaning towards installing Mac OS first and windows second but I'm not truly sure as to which is the best path.

I've been stuck here for a few months. A fully assembled PC with no OS has just been sitting in my room as covid depression hits me like it has for everyone else on the internet (rip).

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated :)

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