Big Sur OpenCore Stuck at the boot menu

Hi, I'm new to the Hachintosh world but was quite successful on my builts until now. My system was running flaw less until I plugged and booted from my old SSD with High Sierra and Clover + Multibeast to transfer some files. After transfer the files, I tried to reboot back to Big Sur but got stuck on the boot menu. Even after unplug the old drive and boot from my Pendrive EFI, (also tried transfer the pre-problem EFI to my actual ssd and didn't work.) I'm stuck at the menu. I can get into the recovery option, but any other option send me back to the menu. If I plug back the Samsung SSD the same happens if I don't get in the BIOS and change to boot directly from the samsung. Doing so, I can get in the old system, but not the new one.

Please, can someone help me?

My system is running Big Sur with OpenCore.

i7 8700k + Z370 Gaming 5 Bios a11

Saphhire Pulse Radeon 5500 xt

Corsair 32Gb Ram + 700W Corsair Font

ssd m2 XPG 1TB 8200 Pro + SSD Samsung ATA 850 + 2x Seagate Barracuda 1 TB

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