WiFi replacement for HP 250 G5

Hi guys, I created an almost perfect HackBookPro with my laptop HP 250 G6 with OpenCore. Also WiFi and Bluetooth but they are Intel parts, so injecting open firmware do the job but no AirDrop and sometimes breaks sleep. Not a big deal, but it’s the only thing I miss for the perfect hack. I would replace my WiFi module with a BCM94360NG one, and found some on eBay... but in the description the sellers says that are not compatible with HP or Lenovo. Well i don’t know if is really true because on sites as TonyMac or Insanely I see some laptop configuration where the OP declares he replaces WiFi module with the one I’m searching for... unfortunately if I buy this module from Italy where I am, could be necessary 40-50 days for receiving the object, so I would be sure before buying. Anyone of you can give me suggestions?

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