Slower Than Slow Since Big Sur - Reinstall?

So, I was a patient boy, and I waited until release. Seems like no one else is reporting ungodly slowness since their upgrade that I've seen, but I'm all ears if there's a magic button to press. If anyone's super curious, let me know and I'll try to take a video with my phone of this thing now chugging along at simple tasks.

Now if I have to, am I safe to reinstall Mac OS? Any OpenCore specific things I should worry about or look into? Anyone have a reinstall guide? Didn't see one on Dortania.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to avoid a fresh install because this thing was P-E-R-F-E-C-T on Catalina, and reinstalling my apps and iCloud sounds like a hellish feat. (Adobe, FCPX, Unity, downloading my 30GB of iMessages, it's like a two day process lol) But if it must be done, it must.


32gb 2133mhz DDR4

MSI 5700XT

Sabrent 2TB m.2

Dual booting windows with 3 other internal 2.5" SSD's and a 4TB 3.5" HDD

EDIT: After typing out my hard drive situation I thought maybe disconnecting my other drives (NTFS anyways no point) may help. I unmounted them and saw a small performance gain, but, I still seem to be stuttering and lagging on basic operations. Even the dock is slow to respond and when it does its jittery.

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